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Relativity in Curved Spacetime


This is the author homepage and support website for the book, 
ISBN 0955706823 (hardback) and 0955706807 (paperback), published by Chocolate Tree Books.   

Foreword Clarion and  have both reviewed the book and given it five stars.


Alt.Fractals, coverart

A visual guide to fractal geometry and design. 232 pp, including over 250 diagrams and illustrations, ISBN 0955706831 (paperback).   

Einstein's full "Relativity" book


Einstein_relativity.pdf, opening screenshot

Relativity 4.0
A quick site explaining some of the basics

YouTube video channel: 

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The website's resources/ folder

Einstein Head

Some important historical texts on relativity theory, including John Michell's 1783 paper on "dark stars"

More Cool Stuff:

sample 3d Head (James Cameron's Avatar)

A section on computer generated faces , and a demo "face bank" library

 The ErkDemon Blog 

ErkDemon blog, 'The Other Side of Science', screenshot

 The Alt.Fractals Blog 

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